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Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud lyrics


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     Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
    >> David Bowie
        Solemn faced, the village settles down, undetected by the stars
    And the hangman plays the mandolin before he goes to sleep
    And the last thing on his mind
    Is the Wild Eyed Boy imprisoned neath the covered wooden shaft
    Folds the rope into its bag
    Blows his pipe of smolders, blankets smoke into the room
    And the day will end for some as the night begins for one
    Staring through the message in his eyes, lies a solitary son
    From the mountain called Freecloud where the eagle dare not fly
    And the patience in his sigh
    gives no indication for the townsmen to decide
    So the village Dreadful yawns
    pronouncing gross diversion as the label for the dog
    oh it's the madness in his eyes as he breaks the night to cry
    It's really me
    Really you and really me
    It's so hard for us to really be
    Really you and really me
    You'll lose me though I'm always really free
    And the mountain moved its eyes
    To the world of realize
    Where the snow had saved a place
    For the Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
    And the village Dreadful cried
    As the rope began to rise
    For the smile stayed on the face
    Of the Wild Eyed Boy from freecloud
    And the women once proud clutched the heart of the crown
    As the boulders smashed down from the mountains hand
    And the magic in the stare of the Wild Eyed Boy said
    Stop, freecloud! They won't think to cut me down
    But the cottages fell like the playing card hell
    The tears on the face of a Wise Boy
    Came trembling down to the rumbling ground
    And the missionary mystic of peace/love
    Stumbled back to cry among the clouds
    Kicking back the pebbles
    From the Freecloud mountain track
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